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DHA Apply for Citizenship

** South African citizenship can, subject to the provisions of the South African Citizenship Act,1995, be acquired by birth, descent, naturalisation and previously also by registration in specific instances.

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you can apply for citizenship by descent by submitting the following documents :

** Form DHA-24, to register your birth in terms of the Births and Deaths Registration Act,1992 In the event you were born out of wedlock both parents must sign the birth registration Form BI-24 to confirm paternity

** Forms DHA-529 (completed by yourself and your South African parents)

** Your foreign, unabridged birth certificate

** Yours and your parents’ marriage certificate (if applicable) and copies thereof

** If 15 years and older, an application for an identity document (DHA-9) with two identity documentphotographs that comply with the Passport and ID Photograph Specifications

** Proof of your South African parent(s)’ foreign citizenship (if they have acquired such) and a copies thereof

** Proof of identity of your South African parent(s)

** If you were adopted by a South African citizen, submit a copy of the adoption order.

Citizenship by naturalization

** You can apply for naturalisation if you comply with the provisions of section 5 of the South African Citizenship Act, 1995, namely

Majors :

** You have a valid permanent residence permit or exemption

** As a permanent residency permit holder you have had one year’s ordinary residence in the Republic of South Africa immediately prior to the application for naturalisation

** After you acquired permanent residency you have had an additional 4 years of physical (actual) residence in the RSA during the eight years before the application for naturalisation (excluding the year of ordinary residence).

** Time spent in detention or residence subject to a condition do not count as ordinary or actual residence

** Or you are married to a South African spouse, and you have had two years of permanent residence and two years of marriage to the South African spouse immediately prior to the application but after you acquired permanent residence status

** Intend to continue to reside in the Republic or fall within the further categories specified in section 5(1)(e).

** You are of good and sound character

** You are able to communicate satisfactorily in any one of the official languages of South Africa.

** You have adequate knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a South African citizen

Minors :

** The responsible parent can apply on behalf of a minor at any time provided the minor permanently and lawfully resides in the Republic.

To apply for citizenship by naturalisation the following documents must be submitted :

** Forms DHA-63and DHA-757, completed by yourself

** Your SA non-citizen identity document and copy thereof

** Your marriage certificate (if applicable) and copy thereof

** If divorced, your decree of divorce and copy thereof

** An application for the re-issue of your identity document, including two identity documentphotographs that comply with the Passport and ID Photograph Specifications

** The prescribed fee for the re-issue of your identity document

** Proof of permanent residence/exemption and copy thereof

** Form SAP 91 with a full set of fingerprints in order to obtain a police clearance report for applicants 18 years and older

** Your parents or your legal guardian must sign the application form (BI-63 )if you are under the age of 18

** Payment of the prescribed fee for naturalisation

Citizenship by registration

** this category of citizenship only applies to British citizens who lived in South Africa for at least two years immediately prior to 2 September 1949.

** You can check the status of your citizenship by contacting the nearest office of the Department of Home Affairs.

Contact Address :

Department of Home Affairs



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