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Table of Contents Wine Online Registration : Department of Agriculture

Name of the Organization : Department of Agriculture


Type of Facility : Wine Online Registration

Location : Stellenbosch


What is Wine Online?

** Wine Online has been developed through a collaboration of the Wine Industry, Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Industry.

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How To Do DA Wine Online Registration?

Follow the below Guidelines to do DA Wine Online registration.

Dear Wine Industry Participant :

** Below is the information required for the Wine Online Registration Process.

** There are 10 documents.

** The other 8 PDF Documents must please be completed and sent back to FaezeW AT

The information needed on each document is as follows :

Applicant Information :

** Exporting Company’s information

Consignee Information :

** A list of all the overseas consignees that you sell to.

Bottler Information :

** If you export bulk wine, the department needs to know who the overseas bottler is, so they can request a sample to see if it was bottled correctly as a South African product.

Loading Warehouse Information :

** This would be all the warehouse’s where you load your containers, so that the Department’s Inspectors know which warehouse to go and inspect.

Other Party Information :

** If you use any freight forwarders that do Export Certificate applications, as well as VI1 / Analysis Certificate applications on your behalf, their information will be required.

** If you do all the applications yourself, then you do not have to fill this information in.

Applicant – Other Party – Consignee :

** This is only applicable if you use a freight forwarder.

** You may use more than one freight forwarder and they may only do applications for certain of your consignees.

** If this is the case we need to know, which Freight Forwarder is allowed to do applications on your behalf for which of your consignees.

** In addition we need to know which functions they perform on your behalf.

Producer Information

** This would be the Producer details as registered with SAWIS.

Importer Information :

** Importing Company’s information

Member Information :

** This would be the user(s) from registering party who will be logging onto Wine Online. You will receive a username for each user once you are registered.

** Fill in the forms which are applicable to you.

Note :

** Please submit the information to the following email address FaezeW AT or fax the manual information to 021 – 887 6392.

** This information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be utilized by us for inputting and uploading into the Wine Online System.

** Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require any additional information in this regard or alternatively via email on FaezeW AT

Contact Address

Private Bag X5015




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