Daily Lotto Results Today, Winning Numbers & Payouts (27, Feb 2023)

Daily Lotto Results Today, Winning Numbers And Payouts Today

The latest Daily Lotto Results today are out. Below you will find the latest South Africa Daily Lotto results for Monday, 27 February 2023 and previous days.


At Sanotify, we publish the latest Daily Lotto Results for South Africa. Today is Monday, 27 February 2023 and the Daily Lotto Results have been announced and published below.

We bring to you the latest South Africa Daily Lotto Results Winning Numbers, Payouts Today as well as the Lottery Results for yesterday and past history.

Latest Daily Lotto Results Today

The following are the Daily Lotto winning numbers for today, Monday, 27 February 2023.

Daily Lotto Winning Numbers Today: Pending

Yesterday’s Daily Lotto Results

Yesterday 2023-02-02 Daily Lotto Results:

  • Winning Numbers: 4 6 9 14
Prize DivisionPrize AmountWinnersTotal Prize Fund
Div 1 – Match 5R320,012.501R320,012.50
Div 2 – Match 4R274.10269R73,732.90
Div 3 – Match 3R18.807,839R147,373.20
Div 4 – Match 2R4.9073,598R360,630.20
Total Sales: R1,797,82281,707R901,748.80

Division 1

No Of Winner(s): 3 (Five Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R168,695.90

Division 2

No Of Winner(s): 388 (Four Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R300.40

Division 3

No Of Winner(s): 11988 (Three Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R19.50

Division 4

No Of Winner(s): 117083 (Two Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R4.80

Previous SA Daily Lotto Results History

Draw DateDraw NumberResultsJackpot
Sunday, 26 February 202314464 6 9 14 17R320,013
Saturday, 25 February 2023144514 18 27 30 36R427,358
Friday, 24 February 202314444 6 19 21 25R506,088
Thursday, 23 February 2023144310 14 17 22 30R450,000
Wednesday, 22 February 202314425 7 10 15 22R388,435
Tuesday, 21 February 202314412 3 11 12 36R480,000
Monday, 20 February 202314402 16 19 33 34R363,283
Sunday, 19 February 202314396 10 17 30 35R278,411
Saturday, 18 February 202314386 15 16 19 29R397,762
Friday, 17 February 202314373 6 11 19 33R500,000
Thursday, 16 February 202314363 8 15 34 36R441,761
Wednesday, 15 February 2023143510 13 30 32 33R427,747
Tuesday, 14 February 2023143410 14 18 22 34R438,908
Monday, 13 February 202314337 11 15 28 35R430,000
Sunday, 12 February 202314323 5 8 14 21R294,542
Saturday, 11 February 202314311 3 19 32 33R414,595
Friday, 10 February 202314301 10 15 19 30R509,920
Thursday, 9 February 2023142910 18 23 26 34R461,828
Wednesday, 8 February 202314281 5 18 21 31R453,439
Tuesday, 7 February 2023142711 14 19 34 35R513,395
Monday, 6 February 202314265 7 21 25 29R433,461
Sunday, 5 February 202314255 21 22 26 30R324,701
Saturday, 4 February 202314243 14 19 21 36R455,377
Friday, 3 February 202314237 14 21 29 36R571,694
Thursday, 2 February 202314222 7 12 16 21R519,430
Wednesday, 1 February 202314214 9 13 23 31R473,381

About Daily Lotto Results

Daily Lotto results are added here every day at 21:00, straight after the draws take place. We always update the Daily Lotto results right after they are announced. We always encourage Daily Lotto players in South Africa to double-check Daily Lotto Results on the official Daily Lotto website.

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How To Play Daily Lotto

If you are not familiar with the game or are feeling adventurous and just want to give the game a shot, then you have come to the right place.

Now, to play Daily Lotto, you need only select five numbers, from 1 to 36. You can either pick your own numbers, or have someone pick them for you, or let the computer select five numbers for you at random – this is called a quick pick.

To win the lottery game, you need only get five numbers right. If you get five numbers right, then the jackpot is yours. The estimated jackpot for the Daily Lotto begins at R100,000. The sum varies, though, depending on the number of players.

If you get a number right, you win nothing. But if you get two, three and four numbers right, you get a cut from the pot. It isn’t much but it can at least buy you another ticket

Daily Lotto Draws and Claiming Your Winnings

Daily Lotto draws are held at 21:00 every day. You can buy your tickets any time before then, but not later than 20:30.

If you won the lottery, you have one year or 365 days to claim your winnings. In South Africa, cash winning of R2,000 or less can be claimed from any lottery retailer in the country. For a winning of up to R50,000, you may have to visit a post office to claim it.

By the way, the National Lottery website of South Africa is the authoritative site on winning numbers and your winning. Care to Play Daily Lotto right now? Play it here.

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What is the Daily Lotto Winning numbers?

These winning numbers square measure within the sort of digits. These numbers square measure similar numbers that you just also can realize on your lottery ticket. after you get a lottery price ticket. some range is going to be displayed on your lottery price tag you’ll match them from the result to seek out if you won the value.

You need to watch out together with your lottery tickets. The numbers on the lottery price tag square measure mounted numbers you can’t use any style of ways once it involves mealtime lottery. however, you’ll match the amount of various online platforms and check your results.

You might hear that each day brings a new style of lottery game and mealtime results square measure one in all of them. If your luck is with you’ll win low costs on a daily basis.

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Daily Lotto Results History

You can see the history of SA Daily Lotto results. Find out how much the jackpot was worth and what other prizes were paid out in past draws. You can also view the prize divisions for a specific draw, including the number of winners in each one, by selecting ‘Show Daily Lotto Winners’.

Daily Lotto Results FAQs

When Are Daily Lotto Results Out in South Africa?

Daily Lotto Results are published at 21:00 in South Africa.

I Can’t See Daily Lotto Results For Today

If you can’t see Daily Lotto on our page, make sure you refresh the page. After that, you will see the latest today Daily Lotto results for South Africa.

Are Daily Lotto Results for Today Latest?

We only provide accurate and latest SA Daily Lotto results in South Africa. However, you can also check the official website for Daily Lotto results in South Africa. Alternatively, search for Daily Lotto latest results.

Can we play Daily Lotto online?

Yes, you can play online at any authorized bookmaker.

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