CIPC New Company Registration : Companies and Intellectual Property Commission

CIPC New Company Registration : Companies and Intellectual Property Commission

Name of the Organization : Companies and Intellectual Property Commission


Type of Facility : New Company Registration

Location : Cape Town


CIPC New Company Registration Procedure

Step 1: Click On-Line transacting


Step 2: Click E-Services

Step 3: Click on the Login button

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Step 4: Enter Login credentials and click on the Login button

Step 5: Click on the Transcat button

Step 6: Click on the Document Upload button

Step 7: For New Company Registration documents upload click Company Registarion Document button


Step 8: Enter the tracking number of the relevant company registration and click Continue

Step 9: Click on the Select Files button to choose the files to upload or click and drag the files into the drop box

Step 10: Once the files have been selected or dragged into the drop box click Upload button to submit the documents, PDF files preferred.

Note :

a. If the documents were successfully uploaded there will be a message next to the attachment (Uploaded)

Step 11: Click each of the buttons to confirm that each of the files is included in the upload


Note :

a. Once the buttons have been ticked and you verify that the conditions are met click Confirm

Step 12: When all is done a message is displayed that the Documents are uploaded


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