Advertisements Customer Registration Procedure : Companies & Intellectual Property Commission Customer Registration Procedure : Companies & Intellectual Property Commission

Name of the Organization : Companies and Intellectual Property Commission


Type of Facility : Customer Registration

Location : Cape Town


Customer Registration Procedure :

1. Visit the CIPC website, and under Register your Business click on Register as a Customer.

2. Click on Customer Registration.

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3. ID Verification. Indicate if you have a South African green barcoded ID document or smart card. Click either on the Yes or No radial buttons.

4. ID Number Verification. If Yes was selected, type in your ID number and Surname and click on Continue. If No was selected and you do not have an ID number, type in your Passport Number and click on Continue.

5. Complete the required fields and click on Register. Please note that the Surname, Name(s) and ID/Passport Number will be pre-populated on this screen. Compulsory fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

The fields are :

a. Country

b. *Cell Phone Number

c. *Email Address

d. *Re-type email address

e. *Telephone Number

f. Fax number

g. *Physical Address

h. *Province

i. *Postal Address

j. *Province

** The fields will be verified. If there is any problem or missing information, an error message will display in red, indicating what is required. Correct the fields as indicated and click on “Register” again. Customers will only be allowed to have one customer code per ID number

6. If you completed all required fields and selected Register, you will receive the below message. Click Continue.

** Customer Code Registered

** Your new CIPC customer code has been sent to your cellphone and email address.

** Click continue below to change your password.

** Customer Code X1234

** Click on Continue.

7. Type in a password, confirm the password and type in the security question. Confirm that all details are correct, and click on Update.

8. The following screen will be displayed. Click on Continue.

9. The landing page of E-services will be displayed. Click on the relevant button to transact.


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