Cell C #LoseTheLimits Lose The Limits Connector Competition :

Cell C #LoseTheLimits Lose The Limits Connector Competition :

Organization : Algoa FM and Cell C


Competition Name : Cell C #LoseTheLimits Lose The Limits Connector Competition

Applicable For : Radio Station Listeners

Competition Deadline : 30 June 2022

Prize : 50GB of data per month, 3 000 minutes to call any local network per month, loads of SMSs and free Facebook


Cell C #LoseTheLimits Connector Competition :

** Lose the limits today with new Connector plans from Cell C!

** Get an unlimited experience and connect with everyone, with up to 50GB of data per month, 3 000 minutes to call any local network per month, loads of SMSs and free Facebook.

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** The Connector plans are available exclusively online at, for as little as R499 per month and get free delivery to your home.

** Get double the data, every month, for the length of your Connector contract for a limited time only. Promotion ends 30 June 2022.

** Algoa FM and Cell C bring you, ‘Connector’! It’s the freedom to talk to whoever you want for as long as you want, but, can you talk to anybody? Every day on the DMB we’ll get a listener in studio and give them a Cell C Connector package. We’ll then reveal the name of a celebrity who they need to get connected with using Cell C Connector, all for the chance to win R10 000! The longer you take, the less money you win, so make sure you make as many calls as you need to, search the internet and make the right connections on social media. If you connect with the celebrity, you win!


** You can also help out our listener in studio and win by interacting on social media with them and the celebrity. Make sure you use the hashtag #losethelimits and then check your DM to see if you’re a winner too!

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Prize description :

** R10 000 up for grabs first 20 minutes

** R7500 second 20 minutes

** R5000 third 20 minutes

** R2500 last 20 minutes

** Any money not won within the allocated time is rolled over to the following day and the next execution of the campaign.

T’s & C’s :

** Cell C Connector – Land That Call

** The sponsor of this competition is Cell C


** The competition will run from Monday to Friday on the Daron Mann Breakfast (6-9am).

** To enter the competition and be eligible to win, listeners need to visit the station website and register online by completing the required details.

** Each day a listener will be chosen based on the criteria that they have registered with – the listener will be chosen at the discretion of the radio station and its producers.

** Once the listener has been chosen, they will be contacted telephonically by the radio station. If the radio station cannot get hold of the listener after a reasonable number of attempts, another listener will be chosen to complete the challenge.

** Once chosen, the listener will have to agree to make him or herself available to come into the radio station in order to complete the challenge and be eligible to win.


** It will be the listeners responsibility to get to the radio station at the time required.

** If decided by the radio station for reasons of distance, the chosen listener will have permission to complete the challenge from a place of their choice. This will be at the discretion of the radio station only.

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** The listener will have to complete the challenge that is required in order to win.

The ‘challenge’ will be as follows :


** The presenter will reveal on-air, the name of a certain celebrity.

** Once this name has been revealed, the listener will then have an allocated amount of time to do everything in his or her power, to get that particular celebrity on the phone.

** The allocated time will be 80 (eighty) minutes.

** The listener will be given a device loaded with airtime and data in order to carry out this challenge and should use it to complete the challenge in any way possible. i.e. making calls, using the internet, using social media etc.

** The radio station will not be permitted to give out the celebrity contact details to the listener neither should the listener make public these details once and if he or she has obtained them.

** The prize money for this challenge will begin at R10 000 (ten thousand rand) and decrease by R2500 (two thousand five hundred rand) for every 20 (twenty) minutes that has elapsed.

** If prize money has rolled over from the previous day, due to it not being won, the prize money for the challenge will begin at R20 000 (twenty thousand rand) and decrease by R5000 (five thousand rand) for every (twenty) minutes that has elapsed.

** The prize money for that particular day will be made clear by the radio station.

** Once the listener has made contact with the particular celebrity, the clock will stop and the prize money decided based on the time elapsed.

** Prize money that has been lost out on due to time elapsing will then be added to the prize money for the following day.

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** Various parts of the challenge will be filmed for live broadcast on social media channels if and when required.

** Listeners who have not been chosen to complete the challenge in studio will also have the opportunity to win by engaging with the listener in studio by means of social media.

** In order to win, they would have to use the hashtag given out by the radio station while assisting the listener in studio.

** Once a day, a listener who has assisted and used the particular hashtag will be chosen and win a Cell C Data sim card pre-loaded with 100G (one hundred gigabytes) of data.

** The listener will be announced on air and will have to ensure to check their private/direct messages on social media in order to claim their prize as this will be the only method of contact with them by the radio station.

** If they have not responded to the message with their details in order to claim the prize within 30 (thirty) days, the winner will forfeit the prize and the radio station will then return it to the sponsor.

** By entering this competition, listeners agree to these terms & conditions as well as the general competition terms & conditions of the radio station as per their website.

** By entering this competition, listeners also agree to be taken to air on the radio station whenever necessary, and also be filmed and photographed to be used on station or sponsor social media sites and websites.

** The above terms & conditions are subject to change at any moment at the discretion of the sponsor or the radio station.


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