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cecchettiballetcompetition Cecchetti International 2022 Classical Ballet Competition : associations

Organization : Cecchetti International associations


Competition Name : Cecchetti International 2022 Classical Ballet Competition

Applicable For : International young dancers

Competition Date : August 5th 2022

Website :

Home Page :


Cecchetti Classical Ballet Competition :

For young dancers :

** July 31st – August 5th 2022

** Florence – Italy

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will include :

** Summer Course For Vocational Students E Insegnanti

** Gala Evening Of Cecchetti Society Schools

** Competition Finale ( August 5Th)

** The Cecchetti International associations (CICB) and Danzare Cecchetti-Ancec Italia are pleased to sponsor the fifth International Competition to be held in the month of August 2022 in the city of Florence.

** Since 2005, the Competition was hosted in countries of excellence such as Australia, Canada, England and the United States.

** The competition takes place every three years, the latest editions were held in 2014 in Richmond Virginia USA and in 2011 in Manchester, England.

** The event brings a large turnout of competitors, teachers, students, parents relatives and friends who come from all around the world, and arouses a great participation even by fans of the sector and experts of method throughout Italy, as well as the press that It occupies the branch show.

** In previous editions more or less 300 students / teachers / competitors took part in the events organized in England and in Virginia.

** The event is undoubtedly a unique showcase of its kind. Ever since the city of Florence has been proposed as a candidate to host this event, the enthusiasm of Cecchetti community is greatly increased, we therefore expect an increase in investments undoubtedly higher than of the previous editions.

** In 2022 it’s up to Italy host these events and Danzare Cecchetti Association (part of Cecchetti International) will take care of the event organization.

** The purpose of Cecchetti International together with Dance Cecchetti is to preserve, promote and spread the Cecchetti Method, keeping alive the essence of the method in its historical tradition, raise the profile of the global approach, encouraging the profession and the art of dance, improve the position of dance in the context of the arts and education in general.

Famous personalities and many guests will be invited to take part to jury :

** dancers, choreographers, directors of the most famous vocational schools and directors of companies to offer important scholarships and contracts of employment to competitors.

Cecchetti International It’s a worldwide organization that includes 7 members :

** Cecchetti Ballet Australia Inc.

** Cecchetti Society of Canada

** Cecchetti Council of America

** Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa

** Cecchetti Society UK

** Cecchetti USA

** Danzare Cecchetti- Ancec Italia


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