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Organization : City of Cape Town


Facility : Pet Registration


Cape Town Pet Registration

** In terms of the Animal Bylaw of 2010, residents are required to register their pets so that the City can monitor and control Cape Town’s animal population.

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** Please use the form below to register your animal/s, including those that are in excess of the maximum allowed.

** Once you have registered your pets, you are encouraged to update their details in respect of new pets/pet deaths as and when they occur.

Restrictions on number of dogs and cats per dwelling type :

Dwelling house: three dogs and/or four cats

Dwelling unit: two dogs and/or four cats

Large dwelling: four dogs and/or four cats

Agricultural property: six dogs and/or six cats

Note :

** Please note that in the transitional period an animal owner will be allowed to keep a maximum of six dogs and/or six cats on any premises subject to the owner not replacing any dog or cat that dies or is dispose of.

Terms and conditions

I. A person whose permit to keep a dog/cat has been cancelled or who has previously had a dog/cat removed from his or her car or has a previous criminal conviction or civil judgment against him or her in respect of an animal in his or her care, may not keep an animal, unless the Council determines otherwise.

II. A permit is not transferable from one person to another or from the premises in respect of which it has been issued, to other premises.

III. No person shall permit any dog/cat owned or kept by him or her which does not have on its collar a micro-chip a name, telephone number and physical address or reference to a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals or registered animal welfare organisations.

IV. No person shall keep a dog if his or her premises are not properly and adequately fenced to keep such dog inside when it is not on a leash unless the dog is confined to the premises in some other manner, provided that such confinement is not inhumane in the assessment of the authorized official.

V. Any person who keeps a dog on any premises shall keep such dog in such a manner as not to be a source of danger to the Council’s employees entering upon such premises for the purpose carrying out their duties.

VI. A notice to the effect that a dog is being kept on such premises shall be displayed in a conspicuous place at each access point to the premises.

VII. Applications in terms of section 4(1) of the City of Cape Town: Animal Bylaw 2010 to keep a greater number permitted in terms of section 2(2) will in the first six months of promulgation of this By-Law, be granted up to a maximum of six dogs on any premises, subject to the owner not replacing any dog that dies or is disposed of as it would result in a contravention of section 2(2).

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Queries can be directed to:

E-mail: pet.registration AT

Telephone: 021 900 1822

Contact person: Najemie Adams / Danfred Pheiffer


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