Buying A Matric Certificate Is A Criminal Offence

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Umalusi has said that partaking in the buying and selling of a Matric certificate is a criminal offence. This activity has seen an increase recently.


Umalusi has issued a warning to people who claim to see Umalusi Matric certificates on digital platforms.

They have seen an increase in the number of people who are selling fraudulent certificates on online media platforms.

Either buying or selling fraudulent certificates is a serious criminal offence therefore Umalusi is currently working with law enforcement agencies to track down these criminals and institute a legal process against them.

– CEO of Umalusi, Dr Rakometsi

If you are found to have purchased your Matric certificate, you could get a fine or even worse, face jail time. You will have a criminal record as well which is damaging to your future.

In the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Act 12 of 2019, it says:

Any person convicted of an offence in terms of this Act, is liable, in the case of a contravention of sections 32B(1), 32B(2), 32B(3) or 32B(4) to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years, or to both a fine and such imprisonment”. 

Chief Director of the National Assessment and Public Examination, Dr Rufus Poliah, has previosuly said, “It is important that the department alerts members of the public to this as it threatens the integrity of the National Senior Certificate examination process, as well as bringing into question the security and authenticity of the matric certificate”.

Umalusi is the council in charge of quality assurance for education and training. They assess results for public and private institutions. It’s their job to certify the results and exams and to say whether they are credible, valid and fair.

When Umalusi administers standardisation processes, they aim to ensure that the learners are not disadvantaged by factors outside their knowledge, abilities and aptitudes and to also achieve compatibility and consistency of learner performance.


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