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Table of Contents : CIPC Company/Tax/UIF/Domain Registration

Organisation : Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)


Facility Name : BizPortal Company/Tax/UIF/Domain Registration

Applicable For : South Africans


How To Do CIPC BizPortal Registration?

BizPortal is a platform developed by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to offer company registration and related services in a simple seamless digital way which is completely paperless.

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CIPC BizPortal Services

Services Offered by CIPC on BizPortal

** Company Registration

** Tax Registration

** Domain Name Registration

** B-BBEE Certificates

** Compensation Fund

** UIF Registration

** Business Bank Accounts

** Company Name Changes

** Company / CC Address Changes

** Annual Return Filing

How To Avail CIPC BizPortal Services?

** If you are a registered CIPC customer, you can proceed to log into BizPortal using your 13-digit South African ID number and your CIPC password.

** If you are new to CIPC services, please register using your ID number.

** Please note that you might be asked verification questions related to your ID or that of your marital partner. Marital partner is the legally married partner, as per the Marriage Act.

Register Here :

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Company Registration

A company may be registered with or without a company name. When a company is registered without a name, its registration number automatically becomes the company name. Such a company may transact with a trading (business) name, or may apply to add a reserved name at a later stage.

A company registration is R125 for both private company and non-profit companies registered without members. A private company must have at least one (1) director and a non-profit company must have a minimum of three (3) directors. A successful company registration transaction automatically comes with a tax registration number.

Name Reservation

You may apply for between 1 and 4 proposed names during an application process, which costs R50. If your name reservation application is not approved, you will need to apply for new names at another cost of R50.

How To Do CIPC Domain Name Registration?

CIPC in collaboration with ZADNA and ZACR now offers domain name registration for any registered company, close corporation or co-operative. We currently only offer domains with a plan to include other top level domains in the future.

The domain name registration costs R51.75 which all goes to the regulator of domain names, ZADNA. Please note that we cannot use any funds you might have available on your CIPC virtual account; you will need either a debit or credit card to register a domain.

We do not offer hosting, only domain name registration. Domains registered through us will have to be transferred to an accredited registrar within a year (365 days) to avoid deregistration. A list of accredited registrars will be sent to you once you’ve registered a domain name. You can also view the list here.

All domain names registered through CIPC must be linked to existing companies, therefore you must have a registered company before you can start with this process.

Tax Registration

All companies that are already registered have been automatically registered for tax with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). New companies, as soon as the registration is completed, as also instantly registered with SARS.

To confirm registration and to view your tax number please use the BizProfile funtionality under “Services”. Tax clearance certificates can only be applied for at SARS.

Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

Employers must complete the relevant fields for both themselves and their workers. This transaction is at no cost. Employers do not have to register for UIF if they do not have employees.

Use the BizProfile option to check if your application has been processed. Your UIF registration number will be displayed under the “other” section. Contact the UIF to submit declarations. Please note that registration for UIF and Compensation Fund is combined into 1 (one) form.


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