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SA Renew Your BEE Certificate

** So why is it so important to renew your BEE Certificate? The biggest reason is that you have to keep your BEE Certificate up to date to make sure that your status is correct up to that year.

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** So anyone that has a BEE, but it’s from 3 or 4 years ago, make sure that you get that updates immediately.

** In the current economic circumstances in South Africa, it is crucial for any business, large or small to have a BEE Certificate.

** With the current BEE policies in place, it is of the utmost importance for any company to apply or renew their bee certificate.

Certificate :

So how do you renew your BEE Certificate?

** You can simply just fill in the application form on our website and apply for a new BEE Certificate.

** We keep track and will contact you when the time is due for your yearly renewal.

** We will thus from now on, make sure that you are kept up to date with your BEE Certificate.

** We have been helping hundreds of businesses countrywide with their BEE Certificates and continue to grow every month.

** So if you do need our help, be sure to complete the application form online.

Required Documents

The documentation and requirements we need in order to provide you with a Bee Certificate are as follows :

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** Company Registration documents

** ID’s of all directors/members

** Proof of annual turnover (please make use of one of the following): (only for businesses that have been registered for more than 12 months)

** Latest Financial Statements (2016)

** Bank statements for the past 12 months

** A sworn affidavit to state your company’s annual turnover

** Letter from a registered accountant stating that your annual turnover is less than the threshold for your sector code.

Shareholder certificates for all shareholders (if your company is a (Pty) Ltd) :

** Share certificates as issued with your company registration documents

** In the event that you were not issued with share certificates, we can assist you with compiling them at a cost of R 190 per certificate, or alternatively you can make use of an affidavit to declare each shareholder / director’s percentage (%) of share in the company.

** An Affidavit declaring your industry

Turnaround Time

** On receipt of all relevant documents, as listed above, I will reply to your email to confirm receipt, or ask for additional information.

** Once I have confirmed that everything is correct it takes approximately 24hrs to issue you with the BEE Certificate.

** To apply of or Bee Certificate, simply complete our application form and we will provide you with list of requirements we need.

** The cost for a BEE Exempt Certificate is R390.


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