Baal-Perazim FET College in South Africa

Baal-Perazim FET College is a Private College in Limpopo, South Africa. All the latest news and vital information about the Baal-Perazim FET College can be found on this page.


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Baal-Perazim FET College

  • Registration Number: 2015/FE07/002
  • Institution Location: Limpopo
  • Qualification Types: National Certificate
  • Type of education institution: Private College

Baal-Perazim FET College aims to meet the needs and demands of the global world by providing computer, entrepreneurial and artisan skills that will enable them to meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities. They strive to provide quality, purposeful and career orientated education, to open all avenues of education, to motivate the community and to provide programs with life skills. A wide variety of courses are offered.

Baal-Perazim FET College Qualifications offered

Commercial Studies:

  • Human Resources
  • Business Management
  • Management Assistant

Baal-Perazim FET College Technical Subjects:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Baal-Perazim FET College Fees:

Consult the website for information regarding fees.

Baal-Perazim FET College Applications:

Contact the campus for information regarding the application process.

Baal-Perazim FET College Website


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