Awethu Project Incubator App Competitions :

Awethu Project Incubator App Competitions :

Organization : Awethu Project


Competition Name : Awethu Project Incubator App Competitions

Applicable For : Citizens of South Africa

Competition Deadline : 31 October 2022


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Awethu Project Incubator App Competitions :

** These rules apply to the various competitions listed on the Awethu Project App (the “ Competitions ”).

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** All Competitions are powered by the Awethu Project Incubator (Pty) Ltd company registration number: 2014/056152/07) (the “ Awethu Project ”), along with its partners and funders.

1. When Do The Competitions Start And End?

** The first set of Competitions starts on 16 June 2022 at 09h00 . Entries close on 31 October 2022 at 12h00 (noon) (“ closing date ”).

** However, the longer you use the app, the greater your chances of winning.

** The Competitions will be held over approximately 5 months. By the end of October 2022,Awethu Project will invite the top performers of the first round to continue to the next round of the Competition.

** The Awethu Project reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Competitions at any point during the Competitions.

** These timelines explain first Competition; such timelines should be seen as indicative of timelines for future Competitions.

2. Who May Enter The Competitions?

** The Competitions are open to permanent residents and citizens of South Africa aged 18 or older and in possession of a valid South African ID or valid passports with valid permits.

3. Who May Not Enter The Competitions?

The following persons may not participate in this Competitions even if they download the Awethu Project App and participate, as per the Competitions’ requirements:

** Awethu Project employees, director(s), member(s), partner(s), employee(s),agencies(s), or consultant(s) relating to the Competitions.

** The spouse, life partner, siblings, children, or parents of any of the persons named above.

4. How To Enter The Competitions :

** Download the Awethu Project App from the Google Play store;

** Register and complete the personal profile section on the Awethu Project App;

** Opt in to be contacted by Awethu; and

** You will get to a page on the Awethu Project App, which directs you to the varied Competitions, where you will be required to select the Competitions that you wish to participate in.

** Please note that all Competitions require your active participation on the Awethu Project App – whether through a business you are starting or an existing business.

6. Can I Enter More Than One Competition?

** Even though you may enter each Competition on the Awethu Project App, you are only allowed to win a prize once.

7. Competition Prizes :

** Details of the prizes will be listed on the Competition pages in the Awethu Project App as well as on the Awethu Project Facebook page ( )

** Only active participants in the Competitions are eligible to win the prizes.

** Cash prizes may only be used for the businesses that were entered into the Competitions.

** Non-cash prizes may not be transferred or converted to cash.

8. How To Be A Top Performer That Is Using The Awethu Project App :

Actively participate and interact with the Awethu Project App, so that you may :

** Grow your business;

** Sell more products and/ or services;

** Get more customers; and

** Make more money for the business.

9. Due Diligence On Prize Winners :

** Proposed prize winners will be subjected to a due diligence process at the sole discretion of the Awethu Project.

This due diligence process may include, but is not limited to :

** An affidavit signed by you.

** All financial information relating to the business entered into the Competition/s being verified by the Awethu Project data analytics team;

The verification of financial information may include but is not limited to :

** Receipts for items your business has bought for the business;

** Calling your clients.

** Shadowing your business for a period of time (as defined by the Awethu Project);

** Reviewing bank statements used by your business; and

** Because of the nature of micro-businesses, Awethu will need to make discretionary decisions on who wins the prizes based on the evidence collected in the duediligence process.

** In instances where the Awethu Project (or other judges) have had to make such discretionary decisions, such decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

** No decision by the judges or the Awethu Project will be subject to an appeal.


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