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Organisation : City of Tshwane


Type of Facility : How to report a fire

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Tshwane How to report a fire

When reporting a fire it is important that we get the relevant information :

** Speak clearly.

** Give the right street name and number and, if possible, the nearest intersection.

** Say in which suburb the fire is (e.g. Thaba Tshwane, Sunnyside, Atteridgeville).

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** Very important: say WHAT IS BURNING.

** Leave your telephone number so that the fire brigade can phone you back if they need more information.

** Call Tshwane Emergency Services directly

** The Tshwane Emergency Services call centre houses both the fire brigade and ambulance services.

** Residents are advised to contact the call centre directly and not through third parties such as security companies.

** While we note that some residents have confidence and trust in these companies, and that some of them advise that they have fire safety services, only the Fire Brigade has the required competence in fire fighting.

** Contacting the Emergency Services directly will ensure the direct conveyance of accurate information and will help to reduce response times.

Escaping a fire

Here are some tips for escaping a fire :

** Review escape routes with your family and practise escape routes from each room.

** Make sure you can easily open windows from the inside and that security gratings on windows have a mechanism to easily open them from the inside.

** Consider escape ladders if your home has more than one level.

** Ensure that burglar bars and other anti-theft mechanisms that block entry from outside are easily opened from the inside.

** Teach your family members to stay close to the floor where the air is safer during a fire.

** Clean out storage areas and do not let junk such as old newspapers and magazines accumulate.


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