SASSA Sets Record Straight On Grant Payment Dates


Another day, another round of SASSA fake news. This time, it deals with grant payment dates and it was, therefore, important for the agency to step up and set the record straight. SASSA has also released its grant payment dates for April.


SASSA has sent out yet another message alerting beneficiaries about fake news. This time around, it deals with grant payment dates.

The fake message said that Senior citizens and disability grants will get their grants paid out earlier than normal due to the upcoming Easter weekend. This statement went even further and said that the Transport Minister was allowing taxis to run earlier than normal to provide for this change.

However, SASSA set the record straight and said:

Please ignore the message below, it does NOT come from SASSA.

The following image was shared:

sassa fake news

The South African Social Agency (SASSA) released the various payment dates for the month of March 2021, they are as follows:

  • Older Person’s Grants 6 April 2021
    • This includes any grants linked to these accounts
  • Disability Grants 7 April 2021
    • This includes any grants linked to these accounts
  • Foster Care Grants 8 April 2021
  • Care Dependency Grants 8 April 2021
  • Child Support Grants 8 April 2021

This month is the last month applications will be open for the Special Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) which sees beneficiaries get R350 every month.

To see how you can apply to the SRD grant, click here.

R350 grant appeals will also come to an end at the end of April. This is a mechanism for those who were rejected from receiving the grant and feel this was unfair.

To get help with sending a R350 grant appeal, click here.

SASSA was created in 2005 to distribute social grants on behalf of the Department of Social Development. This was done to improve the standards of living in the country and are given to people who are vulnerable to poverty and/or in need of support from the government.

SASSA distributes the Care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant, Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, Old Persons Grant, War Veteran’s Grant, Grant-In-Aid and the ever popular Social Relief Of Distress Grant.

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