ECD Relief Fund Application Deadline Extended

ECD Relief Fund Application Deadline Extended

The Early Childhood Development – Employment Stimulus Relief Fund deadline has been extended by the Department of Social Development. A new webform has also been made available to assist with applications.


The webform has been made available on the website, in three other languages over and above English.

The form allows applicants to update and save their applications and check their application status by using their reference number.

Due to COVID-19, many ECD services encountered a loss of income, which is why the fund was established. The fund provides support to ECD services.

All types of ECD services (registered, conditionally registered or unregistered), including centre and non-centre based services, are welcome to apply for the relief funding.

Non-centre based services include playgroups, toy libraries, childminders and mobile ECD programmes.

Furthermore, organisations that operate, manage or oversee multiple centres and non-centre based ECD services may apply for more than one ECD programme and more than one type of ECD programme.

As of 17 February 2022, they received 16 114 applications, with 74 525 ECD employees registered.

On Thursday the Department announced that: “As a further support mechanism, the department, in partnership with the DG-Murray Trust, has made available 135 non-governmental organisations and 2 236 Harambee youth (who are distributed throughout the country) to assist ECD services to apply.”

The provincial Social Development Department, through their local offices, are also available to assist organisations.

“The department is encouraged by the response in the number of applications received to date and wishes to express its appreciation to the ECD sector and its partners in heeding the solidarity call to assist ECD services to access this much-needed support,” said the department.

The funds’ deadline for applications has been extended to 26 February 2022.

Any ECD service that requires such assistance may visit their local Social Development office.

They can further send an email to [email protected] or contact the call centre on 0800 089 666 and support will be provided.


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